Collective Impact is a groundbreaking framework for creating large-scale social and systems change.


It enables organisations from different sectors to innovate together, solving social problems by aligning the way they work and using common measures for success.

A key part of collective impact work is establishing strong local and national coordination teams – this is called a ‘backbone team’. The backbone team work together to build new conditions in local communities for the system to work in a new – and much better – way.

At Strong Kids Strong Centre, collective impact gives structure and accountability to how we collaborate with people, communities and our partner organisations. It helps us to work together towards a shared purpose instead of competing with each other or duplicating our efforts. This means we can pool the resources we have to innovate, learn and improve across the system.


Instead of working alone to tackle a complex social problem, people, organisations and sectors work together, led by communities.


For more information about Collective Impact, please see our Resources.